The eye test will be carried out by Ian Marshall, who will take you through each stage of your eye test and is, always happy to answer any of your queries.

An eye test appointment takes between 20 and 40 minutes depending on individual needs, with longer appointment available on request.

Most adults are recommended to have their eyes tested every two years.

Our fully qualified optometrist will start by asking you some questions to find out more about you and your eyes.

We will need to know if you are currently having any problems with your eyes, if you have had any eye problems in the past, and if you have a family history of eye problems.

You will also be asked about your general health and about any medications you may be taking.

Arguably the most important part of the eye test is to check the health of your eyes.

We will use the latest optical equipment to examine your eyes both internally and externally.

To view the inside of the eye we use an ophthalmoscope which allows a detailed examination of the internal structures of the eye.

We can also use a special type of microscope called a slit-lamp to examine the outer tissues of the eye.

We have a variety of additional tests at our disposal to further examine your eyes if necessary, including

  • Visual field testing (to check peripheral vision)
  • Tonometry (to check eye pressure)

We will measure your vision with and without your glasses to assess how well you are seeing.

You will then be shown a variety of lenses to determine whether any improvement can be made to ensure that your vision is at its optimum level for both distance and near objects.

Your eye movements will also be checked to make sure both eyes are working together and that no undue stress is being placed on the eye muscles.

This is important in giving you comfortable vision, especially if you use a computer or read for extended periods.

By the end of the eye test your optometrist will have a detailed knowledge of your eyes and visual requirements.

The results will be explained and if you require glasses your optometrist will recommend suitable lenses to give you the best vision and comfort.

You will then be advised when your next eye test should be and if you want to look at spectacle frames, one of our staff will be happy to show you our extensive selection.

At Style and Vision we also believe that if you have a current frame that you like, and that it is in good condition why not reuse it and get new lenses. This will save you the cost of new frames.


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